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Federal Student Loan

Federal loans are loans that have the financial backing (guarantee) from the United States Department of Education, or funding that flows from the United States Department of Education. If there is a default, the loan will end up in their hands.

Give us a call to see if you qualify for an administrative or hardship discharge of student loans OR

Assistance with reviving your loans out of default to boost credit score and set up on a reasonable payment plan

Private Student Loan

Private loans are loans that are originated by private lenders, and may or no may be insured by other private institutions. These loans are never guaranteed by United States Department of Education, changing the available remedies for default.

There is a statute of limitations to enforce private loans. Only remedies allowed under State law can occur. Enforcement can usually only occur if the lender sues and wins. 

Give us a call to defend against judgments or to see if you qualify for a discharge.

State Student Loan

State loans are originated by government-like agencies, created by State statute. State loans are usually available to state residents, and non-State residents, who attend college in the particular State.

Many State agencies that offer loans have the authority to intercept State tax refunds without the need for a lawsuit. Many State agencies do not offer the option to cure. A borrower in default will not be able to receive their State income tax refund. 

Give us a call to defend against lawsuits.

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