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Collection Defense

Child Support, Plan Payments, Creditor Pay offs


Do you see the money coming out of your checks but still have a balance that is greater than it should be?  Are you sure that your employer is sending off your garnished wages to where they are suppose to go?  If you are in an active bankruptcy, you could possibly be dismissed for non payment.  If you are ordered to pay child support, you could be at risk of going to jail, having your tax refund taken and/or your credit score dropping.  If you are a convicted felon or on probation, any of the above could be a violation of your release order.  Call us to discuss your rights!


Even though you may owe a debt or have defaulted on a debt, creditors have legal guidelines they must abide by in collecting what is owed to them. Harassment, threats, use of derogatory language by creditors is illegal and they can be held accountable for it. Call our office to see if you have claim!

Interested in learning more? Want to know if you qualify for this payment plan? Call us to schedule a consultation by phone!

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