Credit Matters Restoration Consultation (CMR) will analyze your current financial and credit status to give you specific answers for managing your financial decision making. This analysis allows our firm to give you options and advice on how to handle your debt, maintain good credit, increase your credit score, and make informed financial decisions for the future.

Unlike credit repair agencies, WE are a debt relief agency.  We provide client-specific assistance and also quarterly online seminars that address your specific questions and provide educational information that other companies do not.

What separates us from the "others":

1) Client specific consultation with a copy of your credit report

2) Debt management options from every angle: collection defense, bankruptcy, creditor negotiations and more

3) Hands-on seminars that give you the information that credit repair companies use to make money off of consumers

4) Legal representation by an actual attorney


Jackson Office                                                                                                Gulfport Office

360 Comet Drive, Suite F                                                                        2501 14th Street, Suite 208

Jackson, MS 39206                                                                                        Gulfport, MS 39501

Office: 769-823-3733  Fax: 601-767-0175                                                  Office: 228-901-2420  Fax: 228-901-2421

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